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Aalto Design Factory Abbreviation DF Formation September 2008 Type Aalto University Factory Purpose/focus Learning, teaching, research and industry co-operation in product development and design Location Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland Coordinates 60°10′52″N 24°49′55″E / 60.181047°N 24.831894°E / 60.181047; 24.831894 Director Kalevi Ekman Parent organization Aalto University Website Design Factory (DF) is one of the three factories of Aalto University. The stated purpose of the Design Factory is to be a constantly developing environment for learning, teaching, research and industry co-operation related to product development and design.[1] The director of Design Factory is professor Kalevi Ekman.[2] The current company partners of DF are Nokia (supporting partner), Kone (project sponsor), Aito, Bravo Media, Powerkiss,[3] Seos Design, and Veturi Growth Partners. Also, some non-profit organizations have their premises on Design Factory. There are also research projects going on at DF. Design Factory is physically located in Otaniemi specifically in Betonimiehenkuja 5, Espoo.[4] Contents 1 History 2 The building 3 References 4 External links History Design Factory was opened in September 2008[5] and the opening ceremony was held October 3, 2008.[6] During Fall 2008 and spring 2009, the Product Development Project (PDP) took place in the factory. The building The building itself is an old wood processing technology building, which has been redecorated. Six bigger places: the stage, the studio, lobby, engine room, puuhamaa, and cafe constitute the main spaces of Design Factory.[7] References ^ What is the Design Factory? ^ Hitech Espoo 2009 Virve Airola: Uuden Aallon osaajat (Finnish) ^ Polysteekki 2/2009 Eeva Pitkälä: Absolutely Entrepreneurial, presenting Maija Itkonen, CEO, Powerkiss p22-25 ^ Design Factory homepage ^ Financial Times 2009-03-29 Miranda Green: Merger with innovation at its heart ^ Design Factoryn avajaiset - 3. lokakuuta klo 9.00 - 18.00 (Finnish), the videos are in English ^ Flickr: Aalto Design Factory's Photostream External links Design Factory homepage Design Factory wiki Design Factory - Design Research at UIAH - Co-designing Design Factory Design Factory Workshop Report: Co-Designing Design Factory Letter from Finland: a little piece of design thinking heaven - Core77 thisisFINLAND 2/2009 Peter Marten: Limitless by design Ruukki - Cooperation with students generated new ideas for rainwater systems PDP Gala 2008 @ Design Factory (YouTube video) v · d · eAalto University · A? · A! · A" Schools School of Engineering · School of Science · School of Electrical Engineering · School of Chemical Technology · School of Economics · School of Art and Design Academics Design Factory · The Helsinki School · Media Lab Helsinki · SMARAD Campus Otaniemi · Töölö · Arabianranta